About Us

Everybody loves a true story... Here is ours
After a 20+ year career in the incredibly fast-faced  (dare we say wild) world
of apparel manufacturing selling from Neiman’s to Nordstrom and  from
Bloomingdale’s to boutiques , L.A. born and raised founder and Prez. Victor
Mizrahi took his passion for what trend-setting consumers want to wear on their
backs and decided in 2003 to get into the t-shirt side of the business and base
it in downtown L.A. where he got his start in the fashion business.

This time one thing was different. After selling almost every department store
in America trough out his career, he knew one thing-he did not want to sell
department stores any longer. Specialty stores and consumers world-wide were
going to be the target customers for Hard 8. The basic strategy was to make an
original, unique tee shirt that felt right, fit right, came in great colors and
of course-the most important part, create an original unique  print someone
would actually want to wear out to the  streets & clubs that couldn’t be found
just “anywhere”. The product had to be great, yet exclusive.


“Once a print goes in the line, it’s hard to drop it” Mizrahi explains. The
best-sellers over the years have been what the company calls a “remix”  (taking
a best seller print & making a “fresh” version for a new season. Famous remixes
have been prints such as:  Holy Headphones, Blessed, Sinner, Morrocan Hamsa,
Rock My Mic, Stayin’ Alive and countless others.  

With Mizrahi’s personal connection to the house music scene, right from the
start Hard 8 had a unique appeal for insiders in the music industry. The
designs have the “edge” its fans could appreciate and before long DJ’s  and
artists from around the globe were wearing Hard 8 to play at their events. 
Dj’s such as Tiesto, Carl Cox, David Vendetta , Sharam, Roger Sanchez and Desyn
Masiello, as well as leaders in the hip-hop music world such as Common, Sean
Paul, Nas, Pharoahe Monch  and Jim Jones all own Hard 8 designs.

Hard 8 can now be found in cities all over the USA  as well as internationally.
One can find Hard 8 in England, Germany, Russia, Canada, The Carribean,
Colombia, South Africa, Japan & Australia just to name  a few.
Hard 8 designs are for people who are creative, unique and original, and come
from all walks of life. “The greatest pleasure of  being in this business”
according to Mizrahi is that he, along with design director Cas Moore get to
hang out and party  with many of its customers, D.J’s  and fans who are more
friends or family than anything.  Hanging out in clubs from L.A. to Miami to
Ibiza, the Hard 8 team gets its inspiration from a broad perspective, but mostly
the music scene. It’s trademarked slogan is:
“It’s What Music Wears”