About Us

Hard 8 Clothing was started in 2003 by L.A. native & fashion industry entrepreneur, Victor Mizrahi.
The brand began with the concept of producing original, high quality t-shirts that would appeal to the cutting edge 1% 'ers looking for something truly special to wear.

Hard 8 has sold in top stores around the world & has recently decided to become an "online-only" brand offering a fresh assortment of designs each season & produces all types of tee's, hoodies & sleeveless cuts for guys and girls produced at its exclusive print factory in Los Angeles where each item is hand printed, hand finished, pre-washed & detailed with metal hardware.

Once a print goes in the line, it just keeps on selling. In fact, many of the Best Sellers In the Hard 8 collection are remixes of prints from the early days such as: Headphones, Blessed, Sinner, Saint, Hamsas, Skulls, Crosses, Buddha Balance, Faith, Disco Balls, God Bless The DJ and countless others.

With Mizrahi’s personal connection to the house music scene, right from the
start, Hard 8 had a unique appeal for insiders in the DJ world & music industry in general. The designs have the “edge” music fans could relate to and before long, the worlds top  DJ’s  and artists were wearing Hard 8.
Dj’s Carl Cox, David Vendetta , Tiesto, Sharam, Roger Sanchez, Desyn Masiello, Hernan Cattaneo as well as leaders in the hip-hop world such as Common, Sean
Paul, Nas, Pharoahe Monch, Jim Jones and countless celebrities, have all worn Hard 8 designs.
"One of the greatest pleasures of  being in this business”
according to Mizrahi is that he, along with design director Cas Moore get to
hang out and party with many of its customers, D.J’s  and fans who are more
family than anything.  Some of our most memorable destinations have been:

BURNING MAN, VEGAS, MIAMI, NY, LONDON, IBIZA & of course, our home, D.T.L.A. 

Our trademarked slogan is:
“It’s What Music Wears”